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The Edi Johnston Bit is not just a player of songs, but putting them alongside some typical English silliness too.


Props, Jokes, Quizzes, Audience participation, Bingo etc all add up to a daft experience going beyond just singing some songs. Taking inspiration from Morecambe & Wise, Flight of the Conchords and Tim Vine alongside Old School Hiphop and Pop, The EJ Bit wants to play a bunch of silly tunes alongside a box full of bad jokes & props to ensure a memorable experience rather than just listening.

Having played a bunch of gigs with other bands at places like Glastonbury, Shambala & Reading Festivals, Edi had always shared a stage with other really talented musicians. But when his bands finally finished in 2013, Edi took a year off from performing before being bought a Ukulele by his children for Father’s Day and starting to write & perform again.

He has supported Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer, Collapsed Lung & Unknown Era as well as in comedy shows alongside Andy Kind, Peter Bazely & in the Derby and Nottingham Comedy Festivals.

He has also played at Dot to Dot and Hockley Hustle Festivals in Nottingham as well as Greenbelt, Equinox, Big Family Fest and Gloworm Festivals

The Edi Johnston Bit isn’t a comedy performance or a Musical act, but somewhere lodged in between the two. His first live gigs came in 2015, with a trip to a local Open Mic. More followed and bookings started to drift his way which have led him further afield from his Nottingham base. More elements and more songs keep being added to a performance more aligned with Music Hall and Variety shows than often with the gig venues he frequents.


The Edi Johnston Bit is a chance to catch up with the daftness of life, put aside the thoughts of normality, and smirk your way through a set of songs and stuff designed solely to make you giggle & grin.

"One man armed with a Ukelele and a box of tricks singing daft songs about being Ginger, using Rock, Paper, Scissors to make life choices and other such important subjects!"
(Brouhaha, Nottingham)
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